Development and implementation of a quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015


The 4 stages of ISO 9001:2015 consulting services

Stage 1


Planning your management system begins with an examination of the current management system. We will help you determine the existing deviations from the requirements of the standards and the best option for project implementation. As a result, you will receive a reasonable and acceptable project budget, deadlines for the implementation of work, critical points that prevent obtaining certification and opportunities for improvement.

Stage 1

Stage 2


During development, consultants will help you effectively allocate the time of your specialists' participation in the development of the management system, make the most of their experience and knowledge, without prejudice to the performance of direct functions.

Stage 3


The implementation of the management system is carried out jointly by the working group and consultants. The developed requirements are explained to the performers during seminars and internal training. The consultants will help in organizing and conducting internal audits and identifying non-conformities.

Stage 3

Stage 4


During an external audit, consultants will be there to explain the requirements in the language of the standard and to help resolve possible audit nonconformities.

In addition, if necessary, you can contact us for advice on making changes to the management system and undergoing surveillance and recertification audits.

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